What is SeeleN Industrial Autonomous Ecology?

SeeleN Industrial Ssset Value Exchange Platform introduces the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) model to form an "industrial autonomous ecology" for the platform.

The formation of the industrial autonomous ecology not only benefits the open governance of industrial communities, but also promotes excellent industrial resources to enter SeeleN platform, so as to benefit users and form a virtuous circle.

With the aid of the distributed governance ecosystem architecture, it can be ensured that super nodes have fully decentralized voting rights and income rights, and conduct community governance openly and transparently.

The Origin of Community Governance Token SNP

Needed by Community Governance

In order to realize the good operation of the industrial autonomous ecology, the community governance token SNP is issued, and it forms SeeleN's dual token ecology with the value coin SEELE.

Purpose of SNP

SNP owns the governance rights of SeeleN platform and the governance rights of SeeleN’s incubation project Nerv Ledger. The holdings of SNP represents the weight of governance rights, and holding SNP will also be able to share the benefits of the platform and the project.

The distribution and mining mechanism of the community governance token SNP

The Distribution Mechanism of SNP

The total issuance of SNP is 3 million, 49% of which, 1.47 million, are used for SeeleN ecological construction, and 51% of which, 1.53 million, are used for mining output on Nerv asset management platform. The specific distribution is as follows:

SNP release rules

1.47 million used for SeeleN ecological construction, the lock-up period is 5 years, and the daily unlocked amount is 0.55‰.

Mining Mechanism of SNP

Introduction of the mining pool:there are 1.53 million SNPs in the mining pool in total, which will be mined for 5 years, with an average daily output of 838.3562 and an annual output of 306,000.

Mining mechanism: Stake SEELE to mine SNP,daily settlement and distribution, according to the amount of staking and staking cycle, calculate the proportion of weight of the day, and allocate SNP according to the weight.

Detailed explanation of the rights and interests for the community governance token SNP

SeeleN's ecological governance rights

SNP is the DAO governance token for SeeleN platform's entire ecology, and users can exercise their rights through multiple modes.

SeeleN platform income rights

SeeleN platform income rights that SNP holds users can obtain include: Seele mining pool income, SeeleN platform project income, SeeleN platform gas income.

Nerv Ledger's project income

SNP is also the DAO governance token for Seele’s incubation project-Nerv Ledger, and it will enjoy the benefits of the future products of Nerv Ledger.

SNP Operating Structure