What is SeeleN Industrial Asset Value Exchange Platform?
SeeleN Industrial Asset Value Exchange Platform is composed of the "brand new public chain" representing Seele and the "Industrial capital-financial capital coupling module" that represents N (iNdustry), which is designed to connect industrial applications seamlessly.
The brand new public chain is responsible for providing the entire platform with an underlying technical layer that meets the requirements of industrial project implementation; while the " industrial capital-financial capital coupling " provides the comprehensive modular services, playing an indispensable bridge role between industrial projects and blockchain, and it is also the cornerstone and unique technical advantage of SeeleN Industrial Asset Value Exchange Plat
SeeleN’s new public chain adopts POS BFT consensus mechanism. It has the functions of privacy computing and cross chain protocol and is equipped with asset issuance modules and built-in DEX and KV DB data cache structures for asset mortgage, punishment and on-chain governance (DAO). SeeleN's new public chain will become a truly mature, stable and comprehensive industrial public chain.

SeeleN’s “industrial capital-financial capital coupling module” is composed of three core components: “digital identity system”, “asset issuance management system” and “programmable transaction service system.

"Digital Identity System"-responsible for providing various forms of industrial application participants with identities on the platform and storing identity data.

"Asset Issuance Management System"-responsible for connecting real-world assets and assets on the chain, evaluating and mapping the value of a series of industrial assets such as knowledge calculation, asset on-chain, and asset mortgage.

"Programmable Transaction Service System"-is the core module of all value circulation and exchanges in the platform. It realizes trusted data exchange in the platform through privacy computing and is the engine for industrial applications to achieve various functions on the platform.

  • Digital Identity System
  • Through the digital identity system, the government data, behavior data, health data and other data that can be incorporated into the system, these data can be used to generate more value.
  • Asset Issuance Management System
  • The asset issuance management system can provide users with cheap cross-border store value and exchange channels, as well as a full range of digital currency management. It can provide users with digital currency exchange services. It can also provide deposit-and-loan services, supply chain and trade financial services based on security deposit and provide users with software and hardware products as well as promotion and operation and maintenance services to form a stable delivery income.
  • Programmable Transaction Service System
  • The programmable transaction service system provides enterprises or individuals with a blockchain service platform that covers the entire process of user-oriented blockchain applications and can meet industry-level business needs. The characteristics of high efficiency, flexibility, security, and low cost greatly simplify the cost of blockchain deployment, operation, maintenance and application. It can freely deploy private chains or organization alliance chains, and even deploy public chain nodes to launch applications.
Autonomous Ecology of SeeleN Industrial Asset Value Exchange Platform

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

As a community governance model with the characteristics of blockchain, Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) has many advantages such as decentralization, high efficiency, and clear rights and interests. For industrial projects and applications, the introduction of decentralized autonomous model has largely solved various problems caused by the defects of too many confirmation levels and unclear rights and interests of all parties in the traditional governance model. Therefore, SeeleN Industrial Asset Value Exchange Platform will introduce the decentralized autonomous model to form an "industrial self-governance ecology" on the platform.

Innovative "Dual Pass" Model

SeeleN Industrial Asset Value Exchange Platform pioneered the use of "dual pass" model that paralleled "functional token" and "governance token". In addition to the functions of value circulation and gas consumption, “functional tokens” are provided by “super nodes” for network contributions such as block generation and verification in the POS mode, and “functional tokens” are also used to reward super users who have made contributions. "governance token" is the core manifestation of the voting rights and right to earnings of all participants of the platform, including super node selection, earnings distribution, project selection and parameter formulation and other platform governance-related rights, which will be fully exercised by “governance token".

What can SeeleN Industrial Asset Value Exchange Platform do?
SeeleN Industrial Asset Value Exchange Platform has carried out in-depth cooperation with multiple international partners in healthcare, finance, trade and jointly carried out the multi-field industrial projects and applications such as diagnosis and treatment of congenital diseases, personal health data hardware, large-scale clinical trial coordination, cross-border payment, underlying technology of digital banking, new infrastructure and clean energy.
  • Healthcare
  • The use of SeeleN system can solve industrial defects such as trusted exchange and sharing of medical data, executable medical intelligence asset exchange and sharing, open up the data of various medical institutions as nodes, and realize the safe exchange, paid-sharing, and controllable dissemination of medical data worldwide.
  • Finance
  • SeeleN has broad application prospects in the financial field:
    In cross-border payment and clearing business, the entire process including clearing and settlement, AML, and KYC can be written in contract form;
    In the application of asset securitization, the definition of asset securitization, earnings distribution, risk control is released in the form of contracts, which greatly simplifies the process and realizes complete automation; In terms of credit evaluation, the contract for a risk evaluation model is defined for a specific asset package, so that the credit evaluation model can be widely implemented on a large scale, greatly improving the efficiency of credit evaluation.
  • Trade
  • SeeleN can solve the current defects of opaque transaction links and inaccurate warehousing logistics information in the current bulk commodity trade. At the same time, it has reliable application prospects in import and export factoring business and commercial papers processing.
SeeleN Industrial Asset Value Exchange Platform is committed to actively selecting high-quality projects suitable for the platform model on a global scale, and plans to form an efficient and stable high-quality industrial autonomous ecology in the future, providing surging power for global industrial development, and becoming a practitioner of the world value transfer between industry and blockchain technology.